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Telling our Covid-19 stories

In partnership with esc films, MindWise have created, "WiseMoves". This co-produced series of short films tells the inspiring stories of our clients, our tenants, staff, trustees, and volunteers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They are stories of resilience, hope, recovery, and discovery.

WiseMoves - Our Covid-19 stories


The Covid-19 pandemic descended upon us in 2020 and changed how we live our lives.  Things we took for granted - like visiting a friend - were abruptly torn away from us. Our services, a lifeline to so many, had to quickly adapt to enable us to support our client's mental health through the most difficult of times while keeping them safe. We were challenged to find new ways of living our values,  connecting with each other, and with ourselves. 

Watch our WiseMoves showcase film below


Watch all the WiseMoves films

You can watch all the WiseMoves films on our YouTube channel playlist. These films include:

  • CreativityWise: how creativity helped our clients cope throughout lockdown
  • HousingWise: demonstrates the essential role of providing a diverse range of housing opportunities throughout Northern Ireland for anyone with mental health needs.
  • FamilyWise: How we're supporting new mums and families to develop their resilience
  • SchoolsWise: 70% of mental illness starts before a person's 18th birthday. Discover how our Children & Young People's programmes, including our innovative Bloom and Beyond Bricks programmes, are giving children the tools to communicate what they need to develop resilience and to grow.


  • WorkWise: Shows how through our bespoke WorkWise programme, we're creating mentally healthy workplaces across Northern Ireland.
  • AdvocacyWise: Everyone who is living with a mental health issue deserves support and respect. AdvocacyWise explains the essential need and impact of a Patient Advocate located in Shannon Clinic Medium Secure unit and the Northern Ireland Appropriate Adult Scheme (NIAAS) within PSNI custody suites throughout Northern Ireland.
  • MoneyWise: People living with mental health issues are more likely to struggle with debt, money and benefits. Michele, manager of our Mental Health & Money Advice service shares how we supported people to get the financial support they're entitled to during Covid -19, and how we're breaking the vicious cycle between money issues and mental health.
  • VolunteerWise: Our volunteers all share the same passion; making life better for people affected by mental health issues. Find out from our amazing volunteers what it's like being a MindWise volunteer, and how you can join us.
  • ValuesWise: ValuesWise proves that the success of MindWise is due to people living out their values as members, staff, volunteers, carers and board members.

You can also hear individually from our clients, tenants, volunteers and trustees. You can watch all the WiseMoves films on our YouTube channel playlist. 


  • Teresa shares her story of using her lived experience as a carer to become a MindWise board member.
  • Margaret discovered the transforming power of creativity and photography in her new role as a MindWise volunteer.
  • Jane talks about the importance of using creativity - her superpower - in her healing and recovery journey.
  • Richard discovers his power through music and using his singing voice.
  • Kevin made a film about his mental health that was a turning point for him. He then became a volunteer and now works for MindWise, using his lived experience to turn stigma into service.
  • Hazel found the perfect way to express her creativity and to be of service - by knitting blankets for newborn babies.
  • Colm rediscovered his love of woodworking during Covid and left a legacy to be proud of - a beautiful rocking horse for a future grand-nephew or niece.
  • From the wisdom of her experience, Alice shares with us the secret to a happy life - helping other people.

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