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An Inquiry into Mental Health Education and Early Intervention

Thu, 23 - May - 2024

The Northern Ireland Assembly All-Party Group on Mental Health will be launching their report 'An Inquiry into Mental Health Education and Early Intervention' today at Holy Child Primary School, Derry.

MindWise provides secretariat support for the All-Party Group on Mental Health. In December 2022 MindWise, in conjunction with the All-Party Group, announced the establishment of this inquiry. The report, which has been authored by Louise Cassidy – a PhD candidate at Queen’s University Belfast School of Social Science, Education & Social Work - draws insights from mental health professionals, educationalists, advocacy group representatives, academics, government officials, and young people. It therefore had several specific objectives:

  • To map the extent of mental health provision available within educational settings across Northern Ireland.
  • Explore the existing processes involved in accessing support within educational settings across Northern Ireland.
  • Identify the funding provided for mental health initiatives within educational settings across Northern Ireland.
  • Consider the issues identified in this process and the possible implications for the future provision of mental health education and early intervention in educational settings.

The purpose of the inquiry was to gather insights from a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and expertise, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of mental health service provision in Northern Ireland’s education sector. In preparing this report, the APG received 21 written submissions and conducted eight oral evidence sessions. During the oral evidence sessions, the APG heard from 23 stakeholders from various UK government departments and agencies and the community and voluntary sector. The inquiry also heard from several educationalists, academics, and child and adolescent mental health practitioners.

This report represents the culmination of hours of research and engagement with decision-makers and experts as well as those with lived experience.

You can download the report here or flip through it below 

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