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How our clients are staying inspired in lockdown Pt 1

Mon, 15 - February - 2021

Recently, we invited our clients to share some of their own creative artwork to show how they've been staying inspired during this pandemic and lockdown. The results are incredible and we'll be sharing them with you on our blog over the coming weeks.

First up, we wanted to show you these extraordinary illustrations created by a talented artist called Alena who attends our Belfast Resource Centre. Alena's expressive portrait attempts to get behind the masks we all wear - and reminds us of how much we're missing dressing up! Meanwhile, her skilful animal drawings really capture the personality of the animals and are a reminder of the focus and comfort our pets have provided for us in lockdown. 

Click through the gallery below then read Alena's words to find out what inspired her to create these beautiful artworks.

Creative picture 2.jpg

“In my struggles with mental illness and the current pandemic, at times I’ve felt very isolated,” says Alena. “Doing artwork has enabled me to have a focus to help my anxiety and frustrations in life during these hard times. In lockdown, I've been enjoying listening to music by artists such as Lady Gaga, her music is upbeat and very motivational. I also love her costumes, make-up and masks - they're very theatrical and creative."

"I also like reading books on wildlife," says Alena. "I love to look at the pictures of animals such as cats I find them to be very clever, curious and cute - always great to have as a pet. It’s therapeutic to be able to draw and paint animals. It keeps my mind at ease being able to appreciate the wonders of nature - the three polar bears looking out with curiosity about where to go for their next meal. Moments in time are what we live in and how we see the world around us. It’s great to be able to be convey this through painting."

Thank you so much Alena for inspiring us with your beautiful and unique illustrations! For more insight into how our clients have been keeping busy in lockdown, go here

Covid-19 Support

Covid-19 Support

Information on taking care of your mental health, your rights, and where to find financial help & support during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

Coronavirus and mental health

Coronavirus and mental health

Advice and resources for looking after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

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