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Interview with April Martin – MindWise Employee Of the Year

Tue, 21 - November - 2023

Interview with April Martin – MindWise Employee Of the Year



In the dynamic landscape of community mental health, where compassion meets dedication, April Martin emerges as a guiding force at Mindwise. April, a seasoned community mental health worker at  MindWise's Belfast Resource Centre, recently earned the prestigious title of "Mindwise Employee of the Year." In this feature, we delve into April's inspiring journey, her impactful experiences, and the innovative approach that sets her apart.


Embarking on a Purposeful Journey


Interviewer: April, let's begin with your journey. What drove you to work in community mental health, and how did your experiences shape your path to Mindwise?


April: My journey in community mental health is rooted in a belief that everyone has inherent value. Volunteering with diverse organisations exposed me to various challenges faced by different groups, and it solidified my passion for working with people. After completing my degree in Therapeutic Communication and Counselling Studies at Ulster University, Mindwise's mission resonated with me, leading me to a fulfilling role here.


Celebrating "Employee of the Year"


Interviewer: Being named "Employee of the Year" is a significant achievement. Can you share your thoughts on this recognition and what it means to you personally and professionally?


April: Honestly, it was a surprise and a humbling experience. This recognition isn't just about me; it reflects the collaborative spirit at Mindwise. Working with an exceptional team and dedicated members makes every day fulfilling. The award motivates me to enhance the support we provide and reaffirms the value of our collective efforts.


Daily Transformations at the Belfast Resource Centre


Interviewer: Working at the Belfast Resource Centre, you witness daily transformations. Can you share some impactful moments or stories that stand out to you?


April: Absolutely. Every day brings something unique, from clients finding solace in our centre to witnessing individuals grow in confidence and form lifelong connections. Building trust during mental health crises is challenging but incredibly impactful. One particular story involves a member's journey from extreme isolation to securing independent living—it's a testament to the transformative power of our work.


A Values-Driven Approach


Interviewer: Mindwise's core values guide your approach. Can you elaborate on how these values shape your interactions with clients and your overall approach to community mental health work?


April: Mindwise's values—passion, respect, empathy, togetherness, openness, and transparency—are at the heart of my work. They guide me in meeting individuals where they are in their journey, collaborating with other services, and ensuring a transparent, open, and collaborative approach. It's about empowering clients to steer their own paths with the support they need.


Balancing Act: Nurturing Self-Compassion

Interviewer: How do you manage self-care and maintain your own well-being while supporting others?

April: Self-compassion is key. I draw inspiration from 'Self Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself.' Nature, especially the beach, provides a sense of peace, and the occasional indulgence in a Chinese take-away serves as a comforting ritual. It's about acknowledging the challenges and finding solace in simple joys.


Empowering Women: Fostering Spaces for Connection


Interviewer: Initiating the "Women's Weekly" group reflects your proactive approach. Can you share more about this initiative and its impact on female members?

April: Recognising a gap in engagement, I started the group to create a supportive space for female members. It not only increased engagement but empowered women to participate in various other groups within the centre. The sense of belonging and peer support has been truly empowering.


Collaborative Excellence for Enhanced Mental Health Services

Interviewer: Collaboration is crucial in community mental health. How do you work with other professionals and organisations to enhance the mental health services offered by Mindwise?

April: I actively collaborate with the Community Mental Health Team, mental health organisations, housing associations, and GPs. This multidisciplinary approach ensures holistic support, improved outcomes, and the continuous integration of new strategies into Mindwise's services.


Addressing Persistent Challenges in Mental Health Awareness

Interviewer: Despite progress, challenges persist in mental health awareness. How does Mindwise actively combat stigma and contribute to raising awareness?

April: Mindwise is actively involved in social media campaigns, initiatives like WiseMoves projects, and films like 'Snakes and Ladders.' Our daily work creates safe spaces, empowering clients and fostering a sense of belonging. The organisation actively challenges stigma and advocates for improved mental health awareness.


Guiding Aspirants: Words of Wisdom from "Employee of the Year"

Interviewer: As "Employee of the Year," what advice do you have for individuals considering a career in community mental health work?

April: Lead with passion. Community mental health work is a reciprocal journey where personal experiences become valuable tools for helping others. Witnessing the daily changes and progress in individuals' lives is not only professionally rewarding but personally motivating.

Innovations on the Horizon: A Glimpse into Mindwise's Future

Interviewer: What upcoming projects or initiatives at Mindwise are you excited about?

April: I'm eager to join the Trauma Informed Work Group, focusing on trauma-informed approaches and tailored strategies. Additionally, the Case Study project aims to address challenges faced by clients, showcasing positive outcomes through strategic solutions.

Supporting Mindwise's Mission: A Call to Action

Interviewer: For those looking to support Mindwise's mission, how can the community, volunteers, and donors get involved?

April: Get involved! volunteer, attend external events, fundraise, become a member, or apply to become staff. 

April's insights provide a glimpse into the impactful world of community mental health at Mindwise. Her dedication, collaborative spirit, and commitment to transformation embody the essence of Mindwise's mission: mental health is indeed everybody's business.

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