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Share your thoughts on our 2022-2027 strategy

Tue, 01 - February - 2022

Your voice matters 

What makes MindWise special is our people – our clients, carers, volunteers, and staff.  We’re grateful to everyone that has contributed so far to the development of our new Strategy.  We’re very nearly finished and are planning to launch the final version on Monday 4th April 2022.

Key to MindWise’s success is that we listen to and understand those that know us best, and to the voices of people affected by mental ill-health in Northern Ireland. We would love you to take a few minutes to give us some feedback on the overview of our Vision, Mission, and Goals.  This page sets out:

  • What we really want to achieve (Our Vision) 
  • What we are trying to do (Our Mission) 
  • Values we think are essential to do our work
  • How we’ll get there (Our Goals) 

Our Strategy (2022 2027)

What we really want to achieve (Our Vision)

"A world where mental health and wellbeing is everyone’s business"

What we are trying to do (Our Mission)

"Supporting and empowering people affected by mental health issues to live their best lives"

Values that we think are essential to do our work:

  • Passion We are passionate about mental health and wellbeing
  • Respect We are respectful and value everyone in society, we work in partnership with you
  • Empathy We are empathetic; we listen and learn, we continuously improve everything we do and we support you when you need it
  • Togetherness We believe that working together is the best way to achieve our goals, we involve, empower and lead collectively
  • Openness and Transparency - We are open and transparent, we act with candour, honesty and integrity which are at the heart of everything we do

How we’ll get there (Our Goals for 2022 2027) 

Goal 1: We will deliver services that support and empower people of all ages, their families and carers, with their mental health needs.

Our Operations Department will drive much of this work forward by delivering a range of services across Northern Ireland, namely:

  1. Psychological/talking therapies for people of all ages.
  2. Housing care and support services for adults with mild, moderate, severe and enduring mental health issues.
  3. Community support services for adults with mild, moderate, severe and enduring mental health issues.
  4. Family and carer support services.
  5. Information, advice and advocacy services for people of all ages.
  6. We will also develop our early intervention and prevention strategies and service provision. We want to create an organisation which supports people to access support early, thereby reducing the need for specialist or crisis intervention.
We are creating an organisation where person-centred care and support focuses on recovery and discovery throughout the life cycle (from age 0 to the end of life).

Goal 2: We will educate and influence decision makers and raise awareness of mental health conditions and mental health wellbeing. Our Education, Policy and Communications Department will drive much of this work forward by:

  1. Delivering training and educational programmes to schools, colleges, employers and key decision makers.
  2. Ensuring mental health remains high on the public agenda, by encouraging open dialogue, understanding and acceptance.
  3. Influencing mental health policy, legislation and practice via mental health and wellbeing campaigns, for example: How to protect and maintain mental health and wellbeing; How to create a mentally healthy society where discrimination is not tolerated; How to address drivers for poor mental health across society
  4. We will also create an organisation where the people we work with and for are aware of and supported to access their rights under the United Nations (UN) Human Rights and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Goal 3: We will digitally transform so that we can reach more people in need. Our Executive Office will drive much of this work forward by:

  1. Enhancing the digital literacy of our clients, staff and volunteers.
  2. Investing in our digital systems and processes.
  3. Pilot and roll out digital services and offer new delivery approaches for existing services.
  4. Developing our Impact Measurement Frameworks

Goal 4: We will sustainably develop and grow our MindWise family. Together as a whole, will drive this work forward by:

  1. Strengthening our approach to client engagement at every level in the organisation and beyond. We are creating an organisation which ensures meaningful and effective client engagement, co-production and co-design at every stage of our development. We involve our clients as equal partners.
  2. Strengthening our partnerships and collaborative approaches across Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  3. Developing an organisational culture, system and practice which is Trauma informed. We are creating an organisation which is trauma informed. An organisation which ensures our clients, staff and volunteers have the knowledge and skills to recognise the impact of trauma on the system and environment we live and work in.
  4. Train, recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce which is flexible and adaptable and which can meet the ever changing and complex environment in which we work and live.
  5. Evidence our value for money (cost, quality and impact) and client satisfaction by sustainably developing and growing as an organisation.
  6. Retaining our quality markers (Investing in People (IIP), Investing in Volunteers (IIV), Mental Health Charter.

All comments will be useful – even if just a brief few lines.  Your own personal views are also very valuable so please do add those in too – we will keep all comments confidential unless you ask us to attach a name to a particular statement. You can also email your thoughts to

We are listening

Please share your thoughts - even a few lines will make a difference and be treated in confidence. With your help and commitment we can really deliver on our desire to make a real difference to the lives of so many.

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