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Gemma's Self Care Tips for New Mums

Wed, 06 - May - 2020

As a new mum, you're often at the back of the queue. But you shouldn't be! Gemma, a Mums Wellness Worker with the Mums Wellness Project, shares why it's important to take care of your mind, and shares her self care tips for new mums. 

Gemma's favourite wellbeing resources

Instagram: happyparent.happybaby - Great advice for everything to do with wellbeing during pregnancy as well as some tips.

Instagram: Are you ok campaign - Great for wellness tips during Covid-19, very positive page.

Podcasts - Happy Place - love this podcast, lots of guests on that have battled with mental health and how they have overcome it. very inspiring and I especially like listening it to this during this time because you feel so connected to the people on it leading to feel less lonely during isolation.

Podcasts - No really, I'm Fine - Great Podcast. sheds lights on daily struggles. They have started doing episodes' now related to Coronavirus called "No really, I'm fine: Mental Health against coronavirus"  

Facebook - NHH pregnancy yoga group - Run by a midwife who not only does yoga but gives advice to pregnant women. 

Facebook - KPE HOMEWORKOUTS Group - Exercise is great for mental health. The woman who runs this page is great has a live workout everyday. 

YouTube - Riki Jones Pre Natal Yoga - Great yoga videos. 

YouTube -  Deep Healing Music Relax Mind Body: Cleanse Anxiety, Stress & Toxins, Magical Sleep Meditation -  Great to help calm yourself before bed or if you wake up in the middle of night.

Online courses for parents & parents-to-be. FREE for parents, grandparents and carers across NORTHERN IRELAND - From bump to 12 months, lifetime access.

Chlildren's mental health charity "Place 2 Be" have a book series out about different stories related to each emotion a child might feel and how to deal with it. for example - Sam the sloth feels sad and Freddie the fox feels frightened.  Can be found on amazon and also healthy minds range at - prices range from £6.99 - £12.99.

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