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How our clients are staying inspired in lockdown Pt 2

Wed, 17 - February - 2021

Recently, we invited our clients to share some of their creative artwork to show how they've been staying inspired during the pandemic and lockdown.

This week, we're bringing you a series of imaginative paintings created by talented artist Marie who attends our Belfast Resource Centre. 

Browse the artwork below then read Marie's words to find out more about what inspired her to create these beautiful artworks.

Abstract portrait.jpg

"This portrait allowed me to return to a theme I'd explored in A-level Art," says Marie. "It's made up of boxes because I believe people are unfortunately pigeonholed by society according to what they identify with. I also like the mystery and look of windows at night, which explains the squares in the background."

Carousel.jpg (2)

"I like the atmosphere and colours of the fairground," says Marie. "But I'm too scared to go on anything! So I thought I could experience it through painting it."

"This painting of the girl and star was inspired by a few things," says Marie. "I believe in horoscopes, that the stars affect us, because of something Aristotle said. I also like the 2011 film Melancholia, which explores this theory, as does renaissance artist Albrecht Durer's 1514 engraving Melencolia I."

"Movement and passion are common themes throughout my work, as you can see, and why I often return to dancers."

"I think horses are magnificent, passionate creatures and I like how they're represented in art and music," says Marie. "I love Patti Smith's song Horses and Natasha Bedingfield's song Wild Horses."

"I painted the cherry blossom because I love the colours, I love cherry blossom trees and the slow movement of trees in general, and I like to do close-ups."

Thank you so much to Marie for sharing these wonderfully imaginative paintings with us. For more insight into how our clients have been staying inspired in lockdown, go here

Coronavirus and mental health

Coronavirus and mental health

Advice and resources for looking after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

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Covid-19 Support

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