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If you need to speak to someone right now, here are some confidential options which provide 24/7 support.  If you're worried you might hurt yourself or someone else, please call 999, or go to your nearest A and E.


For people who are experiencing distress or despair.

0808 808 8000


Helps anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through. Childline is free, confidential and available any time, day or night.

0800 1111


24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You don't have to be suicidal to call us

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Want to raise money for MindWise without leaving the house? Here's our virtual fundraising ideas you can do alone or with friends, family or colleagues.

More than 20% of people in Northern Ireland are affected by mental health issues. Now more than ever we need your help to deliver our life-changing services and to campaign for change so that people affected by mental illness live without stigma and discrimination and get the support they deserve. 

It’s time to get creative!

We're all spending more time at home, so why not get your friends and family together and fundraise for MindWise? Support our vital vote delivering a lifeline to more than 10,000 people a year, and have a bit of craic, too!

Register your event

Don't forget to register your event so we can keep in touch, cheer you on and send you anything you might need for your virtual fundraising event.

Setting up your online fundraising page

  1. Visit our JustGiving page and click, "Fundraise for Us".
  2. Make it personal - tell people why you're fundraising for MindWise
  3. Set a target and be ambitious– pages with targets receive on average 46% more than those without.
  4. Don't be shy about sharing your page on your social media - and share each time you update it. Your friends can support you and it's a great way to get donations.
  5. Once you’ve met your target don’t stop there. We find that most fundraisers raise much more than their original pledge.

Get a full house together for bingo!

Get your friends and family together for a Zoom bingo night in aid of MindWise. People can enter by donating to your fundraising page.

You'll need:

Hold a pub quiz

Quizzes are great ways to raise money. Ask for a donation to enter and host your own quiz!  You can make it as simple or as high tech as you like. 

You'll need:

  • If you're keeping it simple - just a pen, paper and of course, questions
  • For something a bit more high-tech, you can use Zoom or Jitsi and a quiz app like Kahoot. Kahoot has lots of pre-set trivia questions too which you can use to build your quiz. 

Brave the shave for MindWise

The barbers are closed and that hair is beginning to tickle your ears... so why not shave your head in aid of MindWise? Set a target and if enough people donate, get the clippers out!

You'll need:

  • A steady hand or a family member to do it!
  • Scissors or clippers
  • To record it - use your phone and make a video of the big moment!

Get Fit Online

By holding her pilates class online and encouraging donations for entry, Andrea of All Active Pilates raised more than £1000 for MindWise! If you're fit and want to get others involved, why not do the same?  You need:

  • A JustGiving page 
  • Zoom, Twitch, Facebook or Instagram Live
  • Bendiness! 

Host a virtual gig

Can you be our guitar hero? Host a virtual gig through Facebook Live, Instagram live or Twitch. Set up a JustGiving page so that those who join your gig can make a donation. You'll also be spreading a bit of joy through music, too.

You'll need:

  • A camera - a phone camera is fine 
  • A Facebook, Instagram or Twitch account

Challenge your friends to a bake-off

Grab your recipe book, challenge your friends and set the timer! Get your friends and family to donate and join in with a bake-off.  See who can bake the best within one hour. Why not get your friends on social media to judge the winner?

You'll need:

  • Recipes - either pick one for everyone to do or try something new
  • A phone to take photos of your creations

Race to the top of the tower

The Eiffel tower is located in the heart of Paris. Standing at 324m tall, it's one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Of course, there are lifts…. but why not join the club of people who’ve proved they’re tough enough to climb all 1708 stairs to the top?

This one’s short and sweet, and can easily be turned into a competition among friends. First one to the top wins!

  • Stairs or a step counter
  • A healthy sense of competitiveness!

Donate to MindWise

If none of these are for you, but you still want to support us (thank you!), then you can donate to MindWise.

Fundraise on Facebook

Facebook makes it easier to raise money for causes you care about. Click here to Fundraise for MindWise on Facebook. 

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