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MindWise support during social distancing

Fri, 10 - April - 2020

This Easter, due to social distancing, we can't be there for our clients in person. But mental health services continue during coronavirus, and we are needed more than ever. Here's some of the ways we're supporting mental health through the coronavirus crisis.

Gemma, Mums Wellness Project

The Mums Wellness Project is an early-stage intervention project for expectant mums & mums with a baby up to 1 year who are experiencing emotional health & wellbeing difficulties. Find out more.

Within recent weeks, so many changes have happened. New mums who had so many plans for deliveries and welcoming their new born into the family circle, to have had everything altered or annihilated. Being there to support them no matter what has been a great achievement. Even if it has been a quick text back and forth or telephone call being a listening ear at the end of it.

Mums are facing home schooling, entertaining the kids throughout each day and still manage to keep everyone’s spirits up neglecting their own. These self care packs are a reminder that they are doing a fantastic job and that what they do is greatly appreciated. 

We are keeping positive within our team through this new “normal” way of living. We are continuously sharing and working on ideas that meet the emotional wellness needs of Mums. Searching and linking resources such as activities to keep the kids entertained along with self-care/wellness tips for Mum herself have been beneficial and valued. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to still deliver WRAP programmes in a group capacity, virtually based of course.

Rebekah, Linked-In

Linked-In provide individually tailored support, advocacy, befriending service and signposting for a period up to six months to young people and young adults (aged 13 – 20) who have been in contact with the police. Find out more.

We've created packs for our clients to keep them busy and give them a wee treat over Easter.

Like lots of services, we've moved to phone support for the time being.  We've been ringing our young people every day, and working through their WRAPs and Anger Management booklets over the phone. We are encouraging them to let us know if they are struggling so that we can help.

Lisa, Community Floating Support

The Community Care and Support Service is open to individuals over the age of 18 years known to the Community Mental Health Team, who have a mental health problem and who need support to maintain their day to day community living in their own home. Find out more.

We are very busy at the Community Care and Floating Support Services!

We are maintaining telephone contact with approx. 64 service users. 

We are providing shielding packages to 24 service users that have been deemed to be in the 'High Risk' Category and they are living alone in the community.  Our shielding packages  include shopping and delivery to the clients homes, medication ordering, collection and delivery to the clients home. We have one staff member making and delivering a hot meal 7 days a week  to one of our elderly clients, we have another staff member that did some baking at home and delivered home baked goods to her clients.

The telephone contact is extremely beneficial as it reduces anxiety and social isolation, some clients are receiving telephone contact 7 days a week and they are so grateful for the contact. We just keep telling our service users that there's brighter days ahead for us all🌈. 


 "On a Thursday night I go out and clap for all the MindWise workers to thank them for the work they do"

"My support worker is just amazing, she will never know how grateful I am"

"My support worker is the only person I see, I love to see her coming up the path"

We are all working together as a team to ensure that all our service users are well looked after and supported, the staff have gone over and above their job role and they really are worth their weight in gold!

Will you help us?

Our staff are working 24/7 to support some of the most vulnerable people in society. Little things, like pamper packs for new mums who are struggling with their mental health, make a big difference.

But these things cost money at a time when we're needed most and have less. Giving just £2 can help us to keep being there. If you can spare £2, please donate to MindWise.


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