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Abbeyside Supported Housing

Abbeyside is a 24-hour Supported Housing Service which provides safe accommodation, care and support for twelve adults who have experienced severe mental health problems.

The service aims to encourage the tenants to live independently in their own homes and offers a holistic approach to managing the adverse impacts of mental ill health and to achieve a better quality of life. Support is based on the Recovery model and is user-led, person-centred and is tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Individuals experiencing mental health problems are actively supported to acquire skills, knowledge and independence to enable them to achieve their full potential.

The service consists of two houses:

· Number 3 is an Intensive Supported House

· Number 2 is Supported (for those individuals who would be deemed more independent).

The service provides a comfortable and homely environment.

"I have friends here who take an interest my writing and wellbeing. "

Abbeyside Supported Housing

What we offer our tenants

Tenants in both houses have access to a staff team as and when they require it and have access to a full range of services through Community Mental Health Teams and community/day services, which is integrated into the service delivery.

Tenants are supported to achieve their individually chosen goals. Within Abbeyside, there are plenty of opportunities to support tenants towards having a more independent lifestyle. There will also be opportunities for tenants to cook. Shop, do laundry, look after their own room and improve their existing daily skills.

If a tenant chooses to, they can be supported to become involved in volunteering, work or social activities.

The 24-hour intensive supported housing service has a dedicated staff team and the referral process supports the discharge planning process for those in hospital, or those who may be in danger of unnecessary hospital readmission. Support and care is offered to them to achieve as much independence as possible.

Areas we cover

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust area.

How we are funded

The service is funded by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust and by NIHE through Housing Benefit and the Supporting People programme

How to access our service

Referrals are received from the Community Mental Health Teams.

How to contact us

2&3 Abbeyside
BT41 2DQ

Olivia Redmond, Registered Manager


Tel: 028 94460873

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