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Half of all mental illness begins by age 14, and this year's World Mental Health Day is focused on young peoples' mental health in a changing world. 

The Family Wellness Project is an early intervention mental health project for children aged 5 - 12 and their families. It has been awarded five years funding from the Big Lottery Fund under the Reaching Out Supporting Families programme. 

The project aims to enhance the emotional health and wellbeing of children aged 5 - 12 who are at risk of developing significant mental health difficulties if early intervention measures are not identified and addressed, with a view to reducing their need for more intensive or long term support from statutory/other services.

My daughter was angry about things and was not able to talk about it. She was feeling tearful and not knowing why. I had gone as far as I could as a parent and I needed someone else to help us work out what was going on.  - Karen

My son had a lot of anxiety and did not like to be away from me. He had behaviour problems and could be quite disrespectful. He found it really difficult to go to sleep and had to take medication for this. - Eilidh 

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

The Family Wellness Project uses the WRAP approach with the families we work with.

Wellness: A sense of feeling good about yourself and not feeling sad or angry more than normal. People with a sense of wellness live and enjoy life.

Recovery: This is a journey. It can be anything but it generally involves feeling better about yourself, an illness or a problem.

Action: This is what you can do. The things that you put in place or change in your life to help the recovery journey.

Plan: The idea of a plan here is that you will have an idea of what it looks like when you are well and what it looks like when you aren’t well. You can write it down, type it out or be as creative as you want when creating your plan.

I was a bit worried at the beginning of the process and not sure what to expect. I found the Child & Family Support Worker very down to earth and easy to get along with and very welcoming. She was able to talk my daughter and I through some difficult situations and it was good to be able to talk about them rather than keeping them inside. The work that the Child & Family Support Worker did with us both using WRAP gave us strategies and ideas we could use practically on a day to day basis.  I couldn’t have done it without her. 

I thought it was an excellent program. My son hasn’t looked back. He still goes over his WRAP when he is going to bed and he is asleep in seconds. I found it very effective as my son could relate to the Child and Family Support Worker, in fact he loved to see her coming each week and really enjoyed the sessions and found a great comfort in them.

Family support hubs provide early intervention family support services to vulnerable families and children/young persons aged up to 18 years.

A Family Support Hub is a multi-agency network of statutory, community and voluntary organizations that either provide early intervention services or work with families who need early intervention services. The network accepts referrals of families who need early intervention family support and uses their knowledge of local service providers and the Family Support Database to signpost families with specific needs to appropriate services.

The MindWise Family Wellness Project is one of the voluntary organisations that accepts referrals & provides an early intervention service to children aged 5-12 & their families  as part of these multi- agency networks.

My daughter has become more confident. She is able to talk about how she feels and understands herself more. I have found that the process helped me to understand myself and my daughter more. Our relationship is much better and more open.

My son’s behaviour has completely changed. He no longer has angry outbursts, he feels more confident and calm. If he does feel anxious about anything he goes back to the strategies in his WRAP Workbook. His sleep pattern is 100%. I found the handouts excellent and in fact I passed some of them on to my work colleagues for them to look at and use. I would use the service again if I needed to.


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