MindWise’s Vision & Beliefs

MindWise’s Vision

MindWise is an organisation with a proud history and an exciting future. We have dedicated staff and a strong leadership team committed to sustainable development in a complex environment. Our work is driven by a desire to provide the best possible services and support for those affected by mental health issues and severe mental illness.

Our Strategic Vision 2017-2022 sets the role, direction and priorities for MindWise over the five-year period 2017 - 2022. Our strategic pillars underpin everything we do, they are:

• To consolidate and sustain our business activities.

• To be progressive – ‘moving from recovery to discovery’.

• To diversify – ‘our income streams and service portfolios’.

• To be an educator: ‘providing a life stage approach to mental health and wellbeing’ Introduction

• To be a quality service provider: IIP; IIV; EMCC; NISCC; Best practice.

We also recognise the contributions we have made within the youth and criminal justice arena over the past five years. We aim to consolidate, sustain and progress this work and become ‘a go-to service provider for youth and criminal justice’. Our strategic vision describes how we are working towards a world where everyone, irrespective of mental health or disability, can discover a meaningful quality of life and participate fully as citizens in society. 

Click Here to download our 5 year Strategic Vision 2017-2022

MindWise’s Values

Our beliefs and values underpin everything that we do in supporting people affected by severe mental illness and other mental health difficulties. They are:

  • Passion: We are passionate about mental health and wellbeing and we are committed to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination. We pride ourselves on developing new and innovative ways to promote positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Empathy: We are empathetic, we listen and support you when you need it .We understand how challenging living with a mental health issue can be. We believe people have the right to determine their own goals and aspirations and we will support them in their journey to fulfil them.
  • Respect: We are respectful and value everyone in our society. We all have the right to be treated equally and to live our lives with dignity, free from stigma, discrimination and harassment.
  • Togetherness: We believe that working together is the best way to achieve our goals. Working together with all our stakeholders we transform the lives of those living with mental health issues.



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