The impact of mental illness on other areas of your life
affects on other areas of your life

As with many physical health conditions, living with a mental illness may have affects on other areas of your life including;

Your Physical health

Coping with a mental illness may impair your ability to protect and develop your physical well-being.

Your Work

Getting or maintaining a job may be more difficult when symptoms or side effects of a mental illness make it harder for you to function normally and some employers still stigmatise employees who have mental illnesses.


Studying may be more difficult when living with mental illness and does the school or college you attend provide adequate support for students affected by mental illness?


The nature of a particular individual’s illness may mean they need some form of supported housing or support to live in their own home in the community.


This can be a complicated subject for but it is important to seek guidance as it can affect insurance cover for a driver.

Parenting & children

Mental illness can affect relationships and family life and certain medications will have an effect of pregnancy and the ‘unborn child’. If taking medications, medical advice on conceiving should always be sought.


Coping day-to-day with a mental illness or caring for someone with an illness can takes its toil and appropriate holiday or respite breaks can help individuals living with or supporting someone affected by mental illness.


Faith and spirituality are important to many people with a mental illness, and spirituality can have a can be a positive or negative influence on someone with a mental health problem.


The stigma of mental illness is difficult to bear as long as the media and general public do not understand the nature of mental illness. In order to fight stigma, there are steps everyone can take in helping their friends, families and colleagues understand the subject better.


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